• Color Requirements

    • Our company uses CMYK format output, please DO NOT use RGB color.

    • Our company directly print files that we receive from customers, please refrain from making any changes during this period, if there are any issues with the printed artwork due to customer's negligence or artwork are not clear, our company will not be held responsible.

    • All files receive in RGB or other color format will be converted to CYMK for printing without prior notice, and our company shall not be responsible for any color aberration caused by the conversion.

    • Our company uses a standard set of CMYK format output. If the customer has strict requirement with the colors that needs matching of color or color adjustment, please provide us a draft and the costing will be based on the given draft.

    • The draft should use our company's CMYK format output as standard. Anything that is beyond our company's standard or computer screen display cannot be used as a printing standard.
      Every draft has 3 days validation period, changes to orders can be made within 3 days from date of receipt of order and please return revised draft to the company for confirmation.

    Coloring Tips

    If artwork needs to be displayed under lightings, the color of artwork is usually darker (if there's strict requirement on the accuracy of the colors, please print out a draft and place it on lighting box for preview in order to match color and make color adjustments.)

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