Outdoor Materials

All prices are inclusive of GST
Prices subject to change without prior notice
Minimum charge $10.70 for Urgent Order
PVC banner*
(300Dx500D 440gsm 0.4mm thick)
SGD$0.75/psf (print only without finishing)
SGD$1.07/psf (print+eyelets at 4 corner)
SGD$1.18/psf (print+pockets)
SGD$1.39/psf (print+eyelets/pockets + joining)
*Minimum charge SG$5.35.

Block Out PVC banner (Black Back) *
(400 microns, 480gsm)




SGD$1.28/psf (print only without finishing)
SGD$1.61/psf (print+eyelets at 4 corner)
SGD$1.71/psf (print+pockets)
SGD$1.93/psf (print+eyelets/pockets + joining)
*Minimum charge SG$5.35.

Waterproof fabric 200gsm SGD$2.35/psf
Yupo (synthetic) paper SGD$2.03/psf (print + lamination)
Outdoor sticker (removable)* SGD$1.61/psf (print + lamination)
SGD$5.89/psf (print + lamination+ die cut)
*Minimum charge SG$10.70 for order with die cut service
Outdoor transparent sticker SGD$2.68/psf (print + lamination)
SGD$4.07/psf (print + white lamination)
SGD$5.35/psf (double print + lamination)
Orajet sticker*

SGD$2.14/psf (print + lamination)
SGD$6.42/psf (print + lamination+ die cut)
*Minimum charge SG$10.70 for order with die cut service

3M sticker SGD$2.68/psf (print + lamination)
Perforated sticker SGD$5.35/psf (print + PET lamination)
Backlit Trans SGD$6.42/psf (print + lamination)
Backlit Trans (self adhesive) SGD$7.49/psf (print + lamination)
Artist Canvas* SGD$5.35/psf (print + lamination)
*Minimum charge SG$5.35.
Conversion table Example
L x W (cm) ./. 929 = sqft
L x W (mm) ./. 92900 = sqft
L x W (inch) ./. 144 = sqft
87cm x 115cm ./. 929 = 10.77sqft
350mm x 778mm ./. 92900 = 2.93sqft
33inch x 57inch ./. 144 = 13.06sqft

For Outdoor Campaigns, Stellar Outdoor Banner Stand

Clients looking for outdoor banner stand for road shows, marathons or indoor stadiums will find that One Inkjet’s full range of banner stands will meet all your needs. Our wide array of outdoor banner stand varies according to size, height, shape and type. Whether its flag-shaped or towering banners, our clients find One Inkjet always effectively delivers top-quality outdoor banners. In fact, our clients have the chance to choose from PVC outdoor banner stand, Black Back banners as well as ones made up of waterproof material.

Clients seeking a different finishing option can choose from choices like Trim to size, Sewn edge, Sewn edge & eyelets, Sewn edge & pockets, Wind-holes, Sewn in velcro and Sewn in belt. One Inkjet also provides lamination to our outdoor banner stand- giving your banners a more refined finish sure to arrest desired attention quickly and effectively. Boasting high resolution and color-intense prints, One Inkjet’s banners will undoubtedly enhance and value-add your advertising campaigns. Sturdy and durable, One Inject’s outdoor banner stand will withstand any type of environment without falling apart or have watered-down colors. You will definitely not be disappointed with One Inkjet’s outdoor banner stand!

Superior Banner Printing Singapore has to Offer

One Inkjet relentlessly provides for printing solutions to complement your advertising and marketing campaigns. If you’re searching for one of the most reliable banner printing Singapore has to give, look no further than One Inkjet. Our banner printing services surpass client expectations time-and-time again with our laudable quality and affordable prices. As one of the preferred source for banner printing Singapore enterprises constantly engage, we deliver only the best banners for your campaigns. Whether outdoors or indoors, large or small, One Inkjet will definitely not disappoint. At One Inkjet, outdoor banners that will be largely exposed to sunlight can be upgraded to UV resistant banners. These UV banners makes One Inkjet’s banner printing Singapore companies undeniably need to ensure their campaigns run smoothly.

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